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Gilda's Club - Kansas City

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Gilda’s Clubs are places where people with cancer and their families and friends learn to live well with cancer. They are their lifeline to strength, hope and guidance. The effects are often life-changing. 

9 Songs


by James and the Drifters
46 Plays
8% of $250 goal reached

The Good Girl That Loves Me

by Mountains Like Wax
42 Plays
0% of $250 goal reached


by a.k.a. Belle
28 Plays
12% of $250 goal reached

Hattie Loves Happy

by Great Grandpa
18 Plays
0% of $250 goal reached


by Whoa Dakota
27 Plays
37% of $150 goal reached

How Cancer Goes Away

by Dillinger escape plan
581 Plays
102% of $250 goal reached

Stinky Feet

by Melekai Joe "Tootsie's Birthday Bash"
20 Plays
20% of $100 goal reached

Friends Are Awesome

by Douglas Forshey
26 Plays
25% of $100 goal reached

Crazy Girl

by Rachael Davis
101 Plays
28% of $250 goal reached