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Wonders and Worries

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Wonders and Worries' mission is to help children cope when a parent faces serious or life-threatening illness. Wonders and Worries is an organization that has submitted stories that have been distributed to our SMAS Inner Circle. SMAS Inner Circle stories are those that are of a specific sensitivity and do not end up on our website. Instead, they are distributed to professional music therapists and the songs are sent back to the children and families offline. To learn more about our SMAS Inner Circle, you can find more information here

4 Stories


by Clara (age 10) | from Wonders and Worries

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Grocery Trip

by Davia (age 10) | from Wonders and Worries

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by Celia (age 5) | from Wonders and Worries

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Buck & Enzo

by Kendall (age 9) | from Wonders and Worries

1 Song