Amelia's Story for Annabel Joy

by Amelia (age 5) | Partner Organization: Alive Hospice

This story was written by Amelia Love. Her sister, Annabel Joy is a patient of Alive Hospice in Nashville, Tennessee. In the words of Annabel and her family, "I am Annabel. I am loved and I make a difference. I have a disease called Tay-Sachs that will take my life prematurely, but I love the life that I have, and I am very blessed. One day when I am no longer able to breath the air here on earth, I will still be alive and well in the hearts and lives of so many people that love me very much. I have a big legacy to leave, and I am proud to be Annabel Joy Pounds." Please visit to learn more.


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I Have You Today

by Treva Blomquist | 3220 Plays
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Treva Blomquist Nashville, TN

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  • Anonymous 02/17/2016

    Enjoy your magic shoes today, Annabel. Our hearts are broken but we are grateful for your love and friendship.

  • Anonymous 07/10/2015

    Thank you for the beautiful song.

  • Joyce Wichert 07/07/2015

    Treva is my granddaughter, I am so very proud of her and God given talent.

  • Kathe 05/12/2015

    My daughter is a music therapist. I will make sure she knows of this organization

  • Jill Ward 04/02/2015

    I am incredibly touched by this project. My daughter Holly passed away from Tay-Sachs two years ago. Her sister Esther was born 2 months later. We were involved in a documentary about Holly's life which I know will be a treasured gift to Esther as she gro

  • For Scott 03/25/2015

    This song is so beautiful, it gave me chills. Thank you.

  • Nancy Clifford 03/25/2015

    Beautiful song!!

  • Bill Clifford 03/25/2015

    a beautiful song! Great organization!!

  • The Larkin Family 03/24/2015

    Such a beautiful song for a beautiful family.

  • John Smith 03/24/2015

    This is such a beautiful song!

  • Sherei 03/15/2015

    I am looking forward to having your song as the backdrop of a storyboard I plan to make of my 2 amazing daughters and show it to them on Mother's Day as a huge "Thank you" for allowing me to be their mom. My youngest daughter has Canavan Disease and shar

  • Austin @ SMAS 03/04/2015

    This is such a wonderful song, great job Treva!

  • Anonymous 03/01/2015

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous 03/01/2015

    Treva, the song is beautiful. You really touched my heart in so many ways. Thank you for being a part of the Hospice team.

  • Jared Porter 02/28/2015

    Thank you, Treva! What a gift to Amelia, Annabel, and their family. --JaredPorter, Alive Hospice

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