My Little Squishy

by Emily (age 14) | Partner Organization: Ronald McDonald House - Greater Cincinnati


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Emily and Squishy

by Stephen Kellogg | 149 Plays
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Stephen Kellogg

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  • Chuck Supple 06/12/2017

    Great job SK and Austin Atteberry with Sing Me A Story!

  • Edvige & Patrick 05/16/2017

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Alyssa Love 05/13/2017

    I'm praying for Emily-- and I remain so grateful to you, SK, for counterbalancing the pain and ugliness in the world with your poetic verses and acts of kindness. You bring the light!

  • Barbara B 05/13/2017

    SK can always capture the story with his music

  • Eric Canonge 05/13/2017

    Thank you for the gifts that you bring to the less fortunate. You have a big heart and us fans see it in everything that you do.

  • Maggie Shaver 05/13/2017

    Stephen, you are an inspiration to me, on so many levels. Thank you for using your music and your heart to touch people's lives in positive ways you can't even imagine!

  • Nola Hansen 05/13/2017

    Thanks for shining your light on this project, SK!

  • Lee lunt 05/13/2017

    Such a good man mr kellogg

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