by Hilder (age 17) | Partner Organization: Wind of Victory


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by Lindsay Hedner | 25 Plays
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Lindsay Hedner

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by Eilen Jewell | 343 Plays
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Eilen Jewell

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  • Betty & Ed 09/12/2017

    Love your music, Eilen. You ARE a genre of your own and we love it. Thanks.

  • howard sheer 05/29/2017

    Hi Eilen. Love this one. Thank you

  • Andy Anderson 05/02/2017

    Just awesome, Eilen you sung and played it where words can not describe,.

  • Henk van der Schoor 04/25/2017

    lovely song and what a great idea to support children like this

  • Jay Bullock 04/22/2017

    Thanks for doing this. I'm also a songwriter, and just discovered this organization because of you. Now I'm now working on a song myself for a local child!

  • Miranda Haley 04/22/2017

    Thank you for this. Good medicine.

  • Anonymous 04/18/2017

    Well done Eilen and some lovely guitar from Jerry too!

  • Scott Fletcher 04/17/2017

    Eilen, You are a "jewell" of a person and a damn fine songwriter and performer. I just saw you in Sebastopol, CA and had a wonderful evening. I'm still singing your songs to myself every day and the song, "I Remember You" is now one of my favorites. Thank

  • J. Wheeler 04/17/2017

    Blessings and happiness to you.

  • Vern Davis 04/17/2017

    Love your music, Eilen! Thanks for bringing this site to my attention.

  • Stephen Pogoloff 04/17/2017

    Eilen Jewel is the greatest!

  • Katy Gilchrist 04/17/2017

    Nice work capturing the heart of the words.

  • Madeleine Graziano 04/17/2017

    I am a big fan since hearing you at Northwest Park in Ct.Beautiful and touching song. Thanks

  • Matthew Ehlers 04/17/2017

    Welcome back to Rochester :)

  • Anonymous 04/15/2017

    Beautiful, honest song.

  • Nick 04/15/2017

    Great song! Hopefully I'll see you all in Pittsburgh and Sellersville. Nick

  • Lock Kiermaier 04/15/2017

    Great music and thanks!

  • ed gildner 04/14/2017

    Thank you for doing this!

  • Anonymous 04/14/2017

    Eilen, this is beautifully done - thank you.

  • Dana Burton 04/14/2017

    Enjoyed Trust very much !

  • Rio Walters 04/14/2017

    Beautifully real.

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