Yerini's and Sofi's Dislikes and Likes

by Yerini (age 8) | Partner Organization: Hospice of the Chesapeake

Yerini tells about her and her little sister Sofi's favorite, and least favorite, things.

Yerini's and Sofi's Dislikes and Likes
Sofi likes Gerbers because the fruit Gerbers are so, so, so, so, so sweet to her and sometimes she doesn't even talk to people because she LOVES GERBERS!!!
Sofi LOVES penguins. They are her favorite animal. One time she even told Mom she wanted a penguin and Mom said that they (police) would put us in the trash (jail.)
Sofi loves Lalaloopsys. She even collects Lalaloopsys!!!!
Sofi loves the color purple but purple isn't really her favorite color. My mom says that's her favorite color but maybe it is! PURPLE!
Sofi loves to watch Sofia the First because it is kind of her name (Sofia just cross out the a!) Tada!
I like cats because they are lazy like me and they are so, so, so cute when they are babies!
I love TYs because they are cuter than any stuffed ANIMAL!!!
I LOVE the color gold because it is shiny, beautiful, plus it looks awesome! GOLD!
I LOVE ice cream because it is tasty and it is cold so in spring/summer you can enjoy something refreshing/cool/cold!!!
I love watching Minnie Mouse because it is cool but I watch Mickey Mouse sometimes too!
I HATE peas because I think their flavor is gross!!!
I hate pythons because they are big and scary -- BOO! Ha, ha, ha!
I do not like very, very, very hot things because I get burned sometimes!
I hate salty things because I act weird and I just want to drink a whole gallon of water!
Sofi does not like the pea flavored Gerbers, that's why she spits out those kind of Gerbers to my mom.
Sofi hates cold things (cold foods) but when they let the cold things cool off she might eat them, but only if they are sweet.
My sister Sofi does not like sour things like: salt and salty soup!
Me and my sister Sofi both like Pediasure! I think it goes best with cookies, donuts, and caramel filled bread! And Sofi (my sister) thinks it goes best with smooshed bananas and Gerber rice cereal!
Me and my sister Sofi do not like to sleep. We do not like to sleep because I think it is boring and I am sad that the day is over. And I move a lot when I am in bed and my sister just talks til my sister is very, very tired.
As you can see me and my sister Sofi have different likes and dislikes and some stuff we have are in common and even though we don't like the same things we will always be sisters.

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