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SMAS Troubadours

Our Sing Me a Story Troubadours are a group of songwriters and musicians who have demonstrated what we call the BIG three : compassion, reliability and talent. It's in this group that we entrust special projects like corporate partnership songs, Virtual SMAS Sessions and more. This is a PAID opportunity. If you would like to learn more, please contact Austin at Austin@SingMeaStory.org.  

Devon Gilfillian
Cris Jacobs
Kat Perkins
Megan & Liz
Dxtr Spits
Deva Yoder
Craig Gerdes
Ms. Jen and the Jellyfish
Ben Levin
Envy Alo
Ben Wylen
Mountains Like Wax
Steep Canyon Rangers
Damned Rivers
The Guestlist
Dixie Jade
Julia Dodich
Kiersten Rummell
Ky Myle
The Aquaducks
The Gentlemen's Anti-Temperance League
Steve Weeks
Chantae Cann
Love You Later
The Slants
Sky Smeed
Ley Line
Full Cord
Forest Veil
Friends of the Bog
Aaron Sinclair
Canyon Spells
Dan Zlotnick
Impulsive Hearts
Michael McQuaid
James Ebel
Amy Lowe
Raye Zaragoza
Sam Crossland
Micah Olsan
Jon Worthy
JP Harris
Mainland Break
The Tangelos
Common Allies
Tori Allen
Charlie Roth
Farmer & Adele
Julia Ryan
Goodnight, Texas
Sarah Clanton
Sarah Asher
Rick Van Patten Band
Miss Money
Intergalactic Peace Jelly
Jessie Ritter
J.B. Boone
Young Deuces
Bury Mia
The Olson Band
Antonio Lopez
Nathan Gillum 
Treva Blomquist
Trish Torline
John Nelson
Doug Forshey
David Tribble
Stefan Benkowski
Leti Garza
Mariclaire Gamble
Thrown-Out Bones
Carlene Thissen
Andrew Gagnon
Turod Armstrong
AZMusicPro Lessons Academy
Bradley Weaver
Tim Adams
Voodoo Visonary
J.D. Taylor
Air Traffic Controller
Joceyln & Chris Arndt
Laura Reed
Andi Heath
Melekai Joe 
Bill Warrington
George Dunn
Ben de la Cour
The Statesboro Revue
Mitchel Evan & The Mangrove
The Walcotts
Thunder and Rain
Eric Dodd
Brent Cowles
Ewa Sarota-Raczek
Armchair Boogie
Gary Larsen
The Young Fables
Elisa Lynee
Rock Eupora
John Mark Nelson
Whoa Dakota
18th and Addison
On The Sun
Taylor James Donskey
Kayley Walker