Books Heading to Cambodia with Global Connections Project!

Thanks to Penh and the Global Connections Project, we will be getting books and crayons to children in Cambodia to participate in Sing Me a Story! Stay tuned for stories from kiddos in Cambodia!

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New Shipment of Books from Tree Top!

Thanks to Tree Top Publishing in Milwaukee for a new shipment of blank books for SMAS! And thank you to Andy King for helping pick them up in his monster pick up truck!

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Welcome Compassionate Journeys in Ghana!

Welcome to Amanda and Compassionate Journeys in Ghana! Our mascost, Slammin' Sam gives the go ahead on our biggest order yet, 200+ books and crayons being donated and shipped to Ghana!   

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Projects for Progress - Benin, Africa!

We have officially shipped our first shipment of books to Projects for Progress in Benin, Africa! Thank you Jace for all your help and we look forward to a long lasting relationship with all the wonderful work you all are doing in Benin! 

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Pos Paper!

Thanks to Pos Paper, SMAS now has thousands of crayons to distribute to participating organizations! Thank you so much Pos Paper!

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