100+ Songs Created for Kids in Need!

The SMAS Songwriters have officially created over 100+ songs for children in need!! This is AMAZING! We congratulate all those who have made such a difference in the lives of children with their gifts of music. Congratulatios everyone!!!!

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500 Songwriters!

Hey everybody! We now have 500 SMAS songwriters, in just 7 months! Holy cow!

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450 Songwriters!! Holy Cow!

Hi all!We now have 450 songwriters from around the world signed up and participatingin our program! The SMAS Army of Songwriters looking to do good in the world is growing and growing! You guys rock!

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400+ Songwriters Strong!!!!

We now have over 400 SMAS Songwriters!!!! In only 6 Months!!!! Congratulations everyone!!!! Let's get some songs back to these kiddos!!!

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300+ Songwriters Strong!!!

We have officially reached 300+ songwriters who have signed up for our program! In only 4 and a half months! If you build it, they will come :) Ha! Thank you all!

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