Deliberate Kin

Deliberate Kin is shaking up their tiny part of the world. Alex and Amanda Jo are a husband and wife duo, traveling full-time as musicians with their two young daughters. Although Alex has been playing guitar for 21 years, he can pick around on nearly any instrument you place in his hands. His style is a bold blend of flat-picking run-away melodies while simultaneously holding down a driving bluegrass bass beat. Amanda Jo started singing and performing at the age of 8 and went on to earn her Fine Arts degree in college. Equal parts charisma and power, her voice and stage presence have been described as mesmerizing. With nearly 50 years of entertainment between the two of them, you are guaranteed a great show! They dare to bring light and joy with them wherever they travel and they'll gladly share it with you. Their show starts with smiles, builds you up with laughter and leaves you with hope and high-fives. Songs full of emotions, sweet harmonies and warm acoustic tones wash over you. Every story they tell is laced with humor and rings with truth and you can't help but be encouraged and empowered because of it. Deliberate Kin's music would be enough, but they go above and beyond to engage the audience in an energetic, uplifting show! Fans have sent messages days later, expressing how the show was exactly what they needed to make it through their week. DK believes that music is a healing art. Every person experiences it differently. They invite you to come as you are and take what you need. There is something for everyone here.

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Amanda Jo Reisenweber
Alex Reisenweber

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My Life Story

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