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Gary Michael Smith has been making music in Nashville for over 25 years. He's written over 500 songs as a volunteer songwriter with students in the Words and Music Program at the Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2009, he performed with student writer, Sal LaRosa, at the White House as part of First Lady, Michelle Obama's Arts and Education Program. Gary has had a couple dozen songs published and has had several cuts with independent artists. He recorded a "live" album at RCA Studio B back in 1996 with his band in a limited release. Heaven Knows is his first studio album. In addition to being a singer/songwriter, Gary has also had a few acting parts over the years. He has appeared in the music videos of Marty Stuart, Travis Tritt, Hank Williams Jr, Charlie Daniels and the Kentucky Headhunters. He also appeared as a featured extra in two episodes of the second season of the hit TV Series "Nashville" on ABC. Gary has often written songs for church services that deal with life events that have taken place with his friends at church. His album, Heaven Knows, is a compilation of many of those songs. ( All are original compositions that Gary wrote when inspired by those friends and events. He has performed these songs at many services over the years.

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Claudio The Clown

by Gary Michael Smith
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My Day At The Park

by Gary Michael Smith
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Ain't No Fish In The Water

by Gary Michael Smith
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