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After 14 years, 5 vehicles, 7 line-up changes, 5 independent releases, and more tours than he can count... One might think Rosedale's six-foot-nine frontman, Mike Liorti, would call it a day (and pick up a basketball already!) But instead he has gone harder and more DIY than ever; tackling all of the many instruments that make up the thick wall of Rosedale's progressive power-pop sound, along with a fully programmed light show he puts up every show. With the self-booked tours only getting longer- spanning across North America and Europe- it's no coincidence that Rosedale's new EP is called "Again". Yet the many repetitive tasks do not come as chores to Rosedale. He consistently lights up small venues, bars, and house shows with his magnetic passion for music, production, and performance. With his powerful story of perseverance and extreme work ethic (which reflect vividly through his nostalgic/heartfelt songwriting) he's been able to independently make music his full time career. Rosedale proves that you don't need an agent to successfully tour, you don't need a label to produce a high quality recording, and you don't need a band to perform a captivating live show; you just need to love it more than anything else. Maybe Rosedale isn't alone up there on stage. Maybe there's a generation of aspiring artists that find their motivation through Rosedale to go that extra mile. Maybe the many stories that scribe the pages of Rosedale make up only the first chapter of an epic journey.

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