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Blood may relate people to each other, but bonds are what make them a family—such is the story of The Underhill Family Orchestra. The Mobile, Alabama-based collective encompasses five multi-talented souls who, while not a family in the physical sense, have forged familial bonds in the trenches of life, and have worked passionately to spread a message of love and unity through their infectious blend of Southern progressive pop. “That’s the most important thing to me about our band, our music, and our message, we promote togetherness,” explains vocalist Steven Laney of this band, where everyone writes songs, everyone sings, and instrumental duties are shared. The approach is tribal, the effort is communal; each song bears the imprint of the band’s five members, woven like a tapestry of humanity. Their forthcoming debut album, Tell Me That You Love Me, is displays dynamic movement, mood shifts, and time changes, each track on the album is an adventure in itself. The concept of place also plays an important role in the music as each member draws from their individual life-long influences—everything from Delta blues, gospel, New Orleans-style second line brass, and classic rock—which beautifully capture the feeling of celebration, camaraderie, and revelry for which the band is known.

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Steven Laney, Benjamin Cook, Joelle Rosen, Joe Grove, Roy Durand

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