Bad Mother

by Abubakar (age 12) | Partner Organization: Kawempe Youth Centre

KYC is a registered not-for-profit organization that works towards building literate communities. In promoting education, KYC provides library services, computer training and provides safe space so as to facilitate youth and children activities.

Once upon a time there lived a woman with two children and her husband. She liked Nakato and she didn't like Babirye. One day she sent Nakato to buy salt in the market and she sent Babiye to buy matchbox in the town. The Next day she made a basket then NAkato asked her mommy whose basket is that? Her mother said it is for sale. The following day their father went to the village to see his grandmother. And then the next day Nakato's mother dug a deep hole in the kitchen. Then she went and
brought Babirye and put her in the basket and thrown her in the hole. Then Nakato started looking for Babirye then Babirye started singing a song, "Nakato where are you?" Nakato replied "Babirye where are you?" Then Babirye was so hungry her voice became low then Nakato heard where the voice is coming from then she dug and got her out of the hole. Then she went and told her mother to give her two plates of food. Then her father came back home. Then Nakato made a meeting in the village. She asked her mother where is teh basket. She said I sold it. Then nakato went and brought it. Then they told her mother that you must get out of this village!

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Bad Mother

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