Big Brother

by Iniko (age 15) | Partner Organization: New York Writer's Coalition

Prompt : Imagine if everything you’ve been told about our nation is false. Imagine if you lived in a world where someone watched you every instant of your life, and your choices were not yours to make. Who holds the reins of power? How do we fight back? Can we fight back at all?


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Big Brother (Recorded on The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus)

by Anberlin | 1069 Plays
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Anberlin Florida

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  • Benjamin Pope 11/23/2016

    Anberlin still remains the best band ever

  • Ryan Ortale 11/06/2015

    Having Anberlin sing your story, make its more beautiful.

  • Benjamin Mariano 10/25/2014

    We'll live forever. Together.

  • C 09/12/2014

    Im sorry I couldn't donate more. I am in college, but I love the song and purpose. I will be back to donate more when I can.

  • Peter Wickham 09/11/2014

    One of the most beautiful songs performed by Anberlin, could listen to this all day!

  • Chiu Chun 08/26/2014

    Lovely Song

  • SpencerBorup 08/16/2014

    These guys continue to inspire. Amazing poem turned into an amazing song!

  • Will Swanson 08/12/2014

    I'm glad that you all are using your talents to help others; you have been an inspiration to me for years and now you are inspiring many other people with music like this.

  • Andrea Swenson 08/12/2014

    Gob Bless.

  • Anonymous 08/08/2014

    Thanks for everything. Your music has made a positive difference in my life and in God's world.

  • Mark & Amberlee Gwaltney 08/05/2014

    Such a great song and excellent meaningful reasoning.

  • Defzombie 08/05/2014

    Anberlin me and my wife will always love your music. See you in Anaheim!

  • Patrick Reardon 08/05/2014

    Stephen, Deon, Joseph, Nathan, and Christian: You saved my life with your music, and here you are saving more. You are good men, and I wish you all the best of luck in your futures.

  • Gloria "Marie" Gallegos 08/05/2014

    Stephen Christian ANBERLIN #1 fans#1 band # forever in our hearts# In loving memory of Anthony Phillip Gallegos and Micheal Thomas Peterson #heavenbound

  • Steve Hunt 08/05/2014

    Anberlin are one of the greatest bands on the planet, and we will miss you.

  • Andy Parr 08/05/2014


  • Liz York 07/29/2014

    Great work. I usually buy $1 thrift store CDs. Look what you made me do. ;D

  • Anonymous 07/29/2014

    I'm really going to miss seeing you guys perform; awesome song for an awesome cause. Y'all are amazing.

  • Catherine Baker 07/24/2014

    This is a beautiful song, thank you for writing it!

  • Whit 07/23/2014

    You will live forever.

  • John Winters 07/21/2014

    This is a gorgeous song.

  • Julian DeMartinis 07/21/2014

    Truly beautiful.

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