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Story by Arbor (age 13) | Partner Organization: Gilda's Club - Middle Tennessee

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Notes from the Songwriter
Kayley Nell Arlington, Texas

Lyrics- This is the story of a boy named Arbor. He was strong just like a tree. His roots were planted in New York with his father. The summer fair was his first memory. Sun shining in his eyes. A picture of blue skies. Then his life changed when he got to the 4th grade. They said it's just flu season when he stopped eating. For a whole 8 months he fought Leukemia. Oh, oh, your leaves they may be gone but Oh, oh, your branches still are strong. Every season changes and with darkness comes the dawn. Oh life goes on. Robots and legos kept his mind occupied while the grown-ups tried and tried to treat his case. Doodles in his notebook took him to a different world. He escaped in a rocket ship and flew on out to space. He counted up the days till he could go and play. Arbor is 13 now with more rings around his trunk. His branches grew, his leaves turned new. Out came the summer sun. He tells the story how it's all behind him now.