Downward Sun

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Downward Sun is the latest musical powerhouse to spawn from the heart of Colorado. Specializing in shinegrass, thunder rock, outlaw country punk, and campfire songs; in addition to whatever else may issue forth from their collective talents. They bring to the table a style that resists the chains of any one genre and freely roams the artistic dimensions without restriction. Conspirators in this powerhouse group consist of Joshua Feratu on guitar and vocals, Gamble on percussion, Big Cat on tin whistle and vocals, and B the Technician on bass. Attracting the interest of a variety of talent from around the Colorado sphere, they are often accompanied by other members of the musical and spoken word realms, and it is not unusual to hear guest harmonicas, accordions, and guitar solos that all fit together like a harmonic jigsaw. If you're one of those lucky enough to witness Colorado's latest offering, the name Downward Sun will follow you wherever you and your creative spirit might roam.

Band Members

Gamble - Drums
Joshua Feratu - Vocals/Guitar
B the Technician - Bass
Big Cat - Tin Whistle

1 Song

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