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RonDonJuan and the Wingmen is an American band that had its first meeting in Hollywood CA, at Dukes Coffee shop on Sunset Blvd a number of years back. The group consists of Jerry (DonJuan) Phlippeau from LaSalle, IL (Guitar, Vocals, and attitude) and Ron (RonJuan) Day from Seattle, WA (Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, more attitude). The group began as an independent alternative rock/Americana band, formed in Ron’s apartment living room in Hollywood, went through numerous personnel and name changes, took a few years off to “do other things” and eventually emerge as “RonDonJuan and the Wingmen”, a rockin’ alternative country band, based in Seattle, WA. The band released its debut album “So Much For This Sweet American Pie” in December 2011 to rave fan reviews. The band is geared up to release its next album in early 2015 titled “There, I Said It”. The Album “So Much For This Sweet American Pie” was self -produced and recorded in Ron’s basement from November 2010- November 2011 and forged their new fresh alternaRockin-Country sound. The band released this first album on Large Recordings, their own boutique label based in Seattle WA. This album is available in traditional stores and through numerous online retailers. Early History Ron, and Don, met at a coffee shop in Hollywood, CA. Ron was working his shift as a waiter (barely qualified) and Don and his soon to be ex-girlfriend walked in. Ron and Don met; found that they were both musicians looking for players. Ron looking for a bass player for the band he was forming, Don looking for a gig as a guitar player. Demo tapes and phone numbers passed and history was set in the making. They together formed a few very early incarnations of the Wingmen, toured up and down the American West coast after self- releasing an EP and played all through Southern California. A buzz ensued and during this time Ron signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell music. Shortly after this deal came into play, Ron took a break from being a daily member of the band. He picked up producer work with Andy McCoy (Hanoi Rocks, Shooting Gallery), Gus Black- writing and producing, and Animal Bag-producing to name a few. In addition to producing Ron also picked up songwriting work with the likes of Dave Berg, Marty Dodson, Gavin Reily, Eric Philips (Ugly Kid Joe), Katey Sagal, Taylor Rhodes (Aerosmith), Cat Glover (Prince), Jill Jones (Prince), Songs on Quiet Riot Records: “Pretty Pack O Lies”, as well as licensing music to “Melrose Place”, Microsoft, Flipo Group, and numerous other commercial and artistic interests. Don ventured out and played in other up and coming bands; “they eat their own”, “Olivia Barish Band” and others. During this time continuing to present, Don started a very successful international marketing and product development company. All this time, RonJuan and DonJuan stayed in contact and would play together at every possible moment. What is to become the “RonDonJuan and the Wingmen”? In Late 2010, Ron and Don talked on the phone. Ron was going through a tough patch (great for songwriting…especially on the upcoming release “There, I Said It”). Don said “hey, come out for a visit”. Ron got off the phone and booked a ticket to Chicago and sent Don a text saying booked. Don responded “Great, I have a show booked for us to play” They played an acoustic set at a small club in Ottawa, Ill and had a blast playing a bunch of the old original songs that they had played over the years. That became the humble beginnings of the Wingmen and the release of “…Pie”. Don fell in love with the tragic beauty of the story in “Another Hero” A story very similar to the Pat Tillman story, and started lobbying Ron to help come up with a storyboard so they could shoot a music video for that song. The video; Shot by friend Mike Sabatini on iPhones and a single digital camera, tells the story of the song using images of history in the making, was released in Feb 2011. Encouraged by the response of the “Another Hero” video release, the two began recruiting a band and started recording in earnest what would become the first release for the newly forming band to be named “RonDonJuan and the Wingmen”. During the making of …Pie, they self-produced, directed, stared in, and released 3 music videos for the songs: “Another Hero”, Feb 2011, “Miss You Tonight” Mar 2011, and “She’s So F-ing Hot…Butt…” video release simultaneously with the Album on Dec 24, 2011. The Band is currently wrapping up recording their sophomore release titled “There, I Said It”, Recorded in Seattle, Nashville, and Chicago, set to be released in Early 2015. Band Members: RonJuan- Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Fiddle, Banjo, Aunt Lorna’s Dulcimer (2010-Present) DonJuan- Guitars, vocals (2010- Present) A number of incredibly talented players from all over the USA All words, sounds, images, moving pictures, music, and stories © 2015 Rondonjuan, LLC all rights reserved

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