by Lauren (age 11) | Partner Organization: Gilda's Club - Quad Cities


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Notes from the Songwriter
the BLonDe Envy Dallas, Tx

This song was inspired by a portion of what Lauren wrote. It's not the main part of Chloe's story which is a magical day spent beaching with her beloved family. Instead, it is focused on the ending. The carry-over if you will, of what happens after her magical summer fades into the everyday of the new school year. Only this year, she can see, the yacht that has been in the distance making fun of her standing on the beach and it is sinking, but Chloe is safe because she has her feet planted firmly in the sand. ;) I would like to thank the band on this tune: Nigel - Piano, Sarcastic Scotsman, piano music, arrangement Peter - Bass Brandon - Drums Steffen - Engineering Jeff - The Guitar Lead that sunk the boat and I did the Vocals, lyrics, arrangement and music Soundbite character: Gretchen from the movie Mean Girls, written by Ms. Tina Fey Lauren, I hope you enjoy this tune that turned itself into the Most Likely To Sink.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Ellis Kell - Tootsie's Birthday Bash Quad Cities USA

'Chloe at 14' is a song inspired by ‘14’ – A Story by Lauren… Song written by Ellis Kell