500 Years Ago

by Damarcus (age 12) | Partner Organization: United Cerebral Palsy of Central Florida

Long ago in the Year 1509 a planet explodes into pieces (Neptune). Aliens got out of there in a spaceship. Causing the aliens to have a conflict to where there future children will live. Soon, the Captain aliens manage to find a planet known as "Earth." They travel to planet Earth to leave the mobiun eggs. These eggs consist of 3 space creatures and 2 tailed foxes. The aliens had a good way to go the only problem was that they didn't have a good place. The ancients searched for a place for it and they did, they specifically had a timer for the eggs to hatch at 1920 - 1990's and the green fox to be hated in the late 2020's. Overtime for there existence the places the 3 creatures in a different place and the other one to a far far away place and with that the aliens left for new civilization.

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500 years ago

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