A Dream Come True

by Nash and Aleigha (age 5 and 8) | Partner Organization: NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders)

Chillaxication Tour 2020: Starring Kenny Chesney - You can feel the excitement in the air. It's a sold out Kenny Chesney Concert and Nash is ready. He is wearing his Kenny Chesney straw cowboy hat and shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots. Aleigha, his big sister, and Nash's Mom and Dad are all with him sitting in their seats.
The show is about to begin when Nash says, "You know what? I'm really thirsty. Let's go get a lemonade." Nash and his family get up and go to the food stand.
Right as Nash gets his lemonade, the music starts and the crowd cheers. "Oh no! The show is starting, we have to get back to our seats!" Nash yells.
Nash and his family try to find their seats but with stage lights, cheering crowds and excitement of Kenny Chesney singing on stage, they can't find their seats. The first song ends and Kenny spots them. "Hey you!" Kenny yells out.
"Are y'all lost" Kenny asks. Nash is shocked. He can't believe Kenny Chesney is talking to him.
Nash yells back, "I love you so much!" Kenny smiles and says, "Hey, you all get up here!" The crowd goes wild as Nash, Aleigha, Mom and Dada get up on stage.
Nash runs up and hugs Kenny and says "We want to sing a song with you." Kenny asks, "What song do you want to sing?" Nash says, "We Do" and the crowd cheers.
Nash and Aleigha strap on ukuleles, Dad picks up a guitar and Mom steps up to the microphone. And together, with Kenny Chesney, they sing "We Do".
Nash does his signature crazy leg move during the song and it makes Kenny decide to keep them on stage for the rest of the show.
Next, Aleigha plays an amazing ukulele solo on "Ends of the Earth". People in the crowd cried it was so amazing.
When the show is over, Kenny asks everybody to hang out backstage. They talk about everything and Kenny signs Nash's hat.
Then Kenny stops and thinks, "You know what? How would you like to go on the road with me and be a part of the show?" After thinking about it, Aleigha and her parents decide to go home and remember this once in a lifetime experience rocking out with Kenny Chesney.
Nash on the other hand takes Kenny up on his offer and has been out on tour with Kenny ever since. He sees his family on holidays, that is if he isn't too busy hanging with Kenny.
I am Aleigha, Nash's older sister. Throughout Nash's life, he has leaned on music to get through some tough obstacles. Nash fell in love with Kenny Chesney years ago and has enjoyed performing private concerts for his friends and family. Through my passion for art, I was able to bring to life Nash's love for Kenny Chesney. We hope you all enjoy our story.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Brock Berryhill

Song written by Brock Berryhill, Brad Clawson, Jamie Paulin, & Greylan James. Performed by Brian Pruitt (Drummer), Biff Watson (Acoustic Guitar/Ukulele), Ethan Pilzer (Bass), Luke Mosley (Piano), & Mike Severs (Electric Guitar). Engineered by Julian King at Soundstage, Nashville TN.