Abigail's Postcard from Mogie

by Abigail (age 5) | Partner Organization: Ronald McDonald House - Houston

The kids were asked to write a postcard on behalf of Mogie, the resident dog at the Ronald McDonald House, from his Summer Vacation! Mogie was on a long trip and needed the kids to help him write and decorate postcards to send back to the Ronald McDonald House.

Mogie went to the circus!
This is Mogie :)

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I miss you Abby

by M V | 95 Plays
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Lyrics: I saw magic I saw lions, tigers, and bears I heard laughing I saw an acrobat launched in the air I ate candy Tasted corn dogs from the fair But I miss you Abby and all the moments that we shared And Ive seen things at the circus From petting zoos to horse And the carnival has roller coaster rides but in my dreams you're with me laughing on a trampoline with Abby and these memories are never going to end