And That's My life

by Gabe (age 12) | Partner Organization: Gilda's Club - Middle Tennessee

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Notes from the Songwriter
Mississippi Dave Asheville NC

This song is a semi-humorous, heartfelt interpretation of Gabe's story. I hope he likes it. :) Lyrics: My friend the duck Whenever I'm scared and feeling down There is no problem too big I've found When the weight of the world is heavy on my back I will raise my voice And let out a quack Cause I've got a secret weapon When I'm feeling stuck And I'm never gonna let them tell me to give up I found myself a best friend with feathers made of plush But don't let that fool you cause he's as tough as a stuffed duck comes My friend My friend the Chemo duck Now all the other kids From miles around Have heard about this friend This new friend I've found If you're feeling scared or feeling down The Chemo duck will fly to your town! And if the day should come that you're all alone You can cast your fears aside When the road is long remember you are strong All along you had the strength inside You never gave up You kept your head up With a heart full of hope and a duck full of love (repeat chorus)