Danick's True Friend and Partner

by Jackie (age 13) | Partner Organization: Kawempe Youth Centre

KYC is a registered not-for-profit organization that works towards building literate communities. In promoting education, KYC provides library services, computer training and provides safe space so as to facilitate youth and children activities.

Once upon a time there was a teacher called Ruth. She was taking her class on a outing to a farm. There was Danick. She has a friend called Lenn. Danick was Lenn's best friend. All the pupils knew that. So teacher Ruth asked them to find partners during the outing. Danick knew that her partner was Lenn, but Lenn had another partner. When the bus arrived the teacher told them to find their partners. Lenn found Esther as her partner so Danick was alone. All the pupils got their partners apart from Danick. Ruth said Danick do not you have a partner. Yes said Danick. I can be your partner said teacher Ruth. They sat together and when they reached, teacher gave them the animals to tick if they have see them. Danick had remained with a pig only so she saw a kind with a curly tail, the kind that lives in the sty. He went there.
She had a pig with five piglets. She was gone alone because teacher Ruth had gone to see other children. She saw Esther and Lenn passing on her happly. She did not mind and she went to the sty. Danick saw a lonely piglet, she then ticked on the pig on the farm card. A lonely piglet was following her. She said to herself that this will be my partner and true friend. Lenn and Esther wanted to be Danick's partner because they saw her with a piglet. All the pupils wanted to be Danick's partner. From that day Danick loves her partner or friend piglet. All went back home. Love all

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