by Lilias (age 12) | Partner Organization: Honduras Child Alliance

The Honduras Child Alliance is a diverse and collaborative, volunteer-based group, collectively working to make life better for impoverished children in Honduras.

The red flower goes. It listens to your song. Your lips as red as lilies because you are very scared. Christ I love you. You are like a rose, rose, lilies and the red rose.  

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Notes from the Songwriter
Nathan Debrine United States

Rosa Roja - Written by Nathan De Brine and translated by Elvin Almonte All instruments performed by Nathan De Brine. Vocals by Nathan De Brine and Elvin Almonte Rosa Roja (Red Rose) by Nathan De Brine ©2013 "Rosa Roja eres tu? Que escucho cantando en mi jardín? Yo puedo escuchar tu voz resonar en el viento que no oído en un largo tiempo. Mi labios tiemblan por que estoy espantado para conocer la verdad. Es usted realmente o un sueno ligero débil como las lilas blanca. Nunca olvidare su canción tan profundo como cuando encontré el verdadero amor. Mi labios tiemblan por que estoy espantado para conocer la verdad. Cante dulcemente rosa roja." (Red rose, is that you that I hear singing in my garden? I can hear your voice echo in the wind, that I have not heard in a long time. My lips tremble because I am afraid to know the truth. Are you real or are you a distant light as a white lily in a dream? I'll never forget your song, as profound as the day we found true love. My lips tremble because I am scared to know the truth. Sing sweetly my red rose.)