Imagine What's Inside Your Thoughts

by Kathleen (age 11) | Partner Organization: Gilda's Club- Detroit

A story about a young girl trying to save her sister, who is trapped inside her own nightmare.

Inside your thoughts, anything can happen. "Wake up, wake up!" Lily screamed. Carly was having a bad dream again. This happens alot to Carly. Carly has
a disorder of having bad dreams. The disorder is called bad dream aphobia, it is very serious. The next night, Carly had a bad dream again and
Lily went to wake her up but Carly wasn't waking up. Lily ran to her mom and her mom tried everything to wake her up but she
was still not waking up. Then her mom thought of something, but it was a very big risk. The way was Lily needs to go into her dream and try to
wake her up. Lily's mom got all the equipment to make Lily go into Carly's nightmare. Lily's mom put her in all the equipment and with
the push of a button will go into Carly's nightmare and wake her up. 1, 2, 3 adn Lily has been sent to Carly's nightmare! Lily ended
up into a black hole and she could not find Carly. Finally, Lily got out of the black hole, but everything is dark and scary.
Then, Lily saw Carly hanging above a tank of sharks looking very hungry, on top of a tall, tall, tall, tall building.
Lily ran as fast as she could to the building and of course there were like hundreds and thousands of stairs to go up.
10 hours later, Lily made it up the stairs and saw Carly's worst enemy. Reagan, a girl from school, who was the most meanest and
rudest person you will ever meet. Lily ran over to Reagan and tried to stop her but it was actually very easy. Reagan was was stupid enough to stand on the edge
when Lily came full power at her and Reagan fell off the building down to the Rocky hard ground. But Lily had a hard time to get Carly down. But then Lily figured out that
there was a ladder and a platform for Lily to stand on to untie Carly. 10 minutes later, Lily and Carly got down from the platform. Then they walked down the stairs. 10 hours later, they made it down the stairs. Lily knew how to wake Carly up, by show her her worst fear, clowns. Lily tied a bandanna over Carly's eyes and Lily put a clown right in front of Carly and took of the bandanna.
from her eyes and Carly screamed as loud as she could. Carly woke up, but Lily was still in there and the dream didn't exist anymore. Lily went to her own dream and then Carly woke her up. In the orning, all they did was talk about Carly's nightmare and say Carly should
go into Lily's dream. They talked and they talked. "Carly Wake Up!" The End.

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Water Aerobics

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