by Clara (age 10) | Partner Organization: Wonders and Worries

A story about an Australian Shepherd named Iris.

I have a dog named Iris. Iris is an Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherds are normally black, brown, white, or a reddish brown. Iris is mostly black with white and a tiny bit of brown. Iris is 3 years old. She is very hyper, but it is usual for Australian Shepherds. Iris is energetic, which I have already said, which is probably why she loves to play. A lot of the time she loves to play fetch especially with a tennis ball. She also loves to swim. I remember when we used to take Iris on a walk (which she also really loves) and there was a creek and she LOVES to swim in it. What we do is throw a ball into the water (or a stick) and she would go retrieve it. Iris is sweet and adorable. She is fluffy and nice. Trust me those are good describing words. She helps you when you're sad, licks you, and makes you smile and laugh. I could not ask for a better dog.

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