by Josepha (age 7) | Partner Organization: Canopy Northwest Arkansas

I go to the movies with my friends. My family is going to the movie. I was sad but I am bringing my friends so I am happy. My teacher told me happy birthday and then gave me homework and I hit my head. My teacher knows I am a winner and that I want my friends to be happy. I got a bike and I tried to ride it. You tried the rest of the time.
I got a dog and played with it and it made me happy. I got it in a box and it said "roof roof" and there was a smell. The dog's name is Josepha. Then it escaped. Then someone said don't worry I will help you. Then he heard "roof roof" and found the dog. Then I remembered that mommy is calling me. I'm singing "it's crazy crazy crazy" but she knows that.
There is a princess named Sophia. She said can you help me? She is coming for the panda. My sister said can you help me, I'm not feeling good mommy. Mommy said you're sick? It's ok you'll be fine everything's fine. Every time I read the book to my sister she feels better. I gave the princess an orange drink and she was happy.

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The Dave Bulley Band Western Massachusetts

Didn't change the lyrics at all. What a lovely fun story!