Monkey, Bear, Tiger King and Elephant

by Masoum, Armaan and Vivek (age 9-11) | Partner Organization: Project Why

Project WHY set out to create a model whereby quality education support in underprivileged areas, could be spearheaded by parents even if they were illiterate. The idea was to empower the community to pool its resources and run a sound support programme for its children.

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Notes from the Songwriter
One Grass Two Grass San Francisco

Chorus: There's a monkey and a bear, and the bear and a monkey, and a monkey and a tiger king. (and) an elephant who's a doctor which turned out to be a very good thing. Verse1: And intelligent monkey named Guyyu, was sitting on a branch. With the tiger king below him who would eat him if he had the chance. The tiger made his leap, straight for old Guyyu. But a bear got in the way and there was nothing Guyyu could do. (Chorus) The bear was hurt, leaned his head back and let out a mournful wine. Then looked up to see an elephant, who may have been in the room the whole time. “They call me Dr. Pachyderm and I can help you out of this funk. But you got to follow me back to my car cause I keep my tolls in my trunk.” “Roll your sleeves down Mr. bear, this isn't that kind of injection. No hop up, drop your drawers, turn around it's going in your back section.” (Chorus) The bear was mighty happy that that elephant was a physician, but he said what would make him really feel good was to hear some monkey musicians. A monkey doesn't take a bass or fiddle out on an old tailspin. But give them some strings and a piece of fruit and they'll pay play the banandalin! The first song we did was monkey says,and the next was monkey do. The tiger said “you guys are good, sorry I tried to eat you.” The tiger asked if they could be friends, and they said they give him a chance. Then dance that tiger danced till the stripes fell off his pants.