Monkey in the Jungle

by Mark (age 9) | Partner Organization: Gilda's Club - Quad Cities

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Notes from the Songwriter
Tim Adams Connecticut, USA

There’s a monkey in the jungle who lost his jump Every time he tries he ends up on his rump So he climbs and he swings from limb to limb Wondering if he’ll ever get to jump again Climb monkey Climb Climb monkey Climb Swing monkey Swing Swing monkey Swing There was danger in the jungle down at jaguar cove On that day the monkey swung into their lair untold He snuck back toward a river he heard nearby Since he couldn’t jump it was his way to survive So Sneak monkey sneak Sneak monkey sneak And Run monkey run Run monkey run The jaguars flashed their fangs and lunged at him He dove into the water and away did swim But soon some crocodiles came sliding in Looking mighty hungry with their toothy grins Dive monkey dive Dive monkey dive And Swim monkey swim Swim monkey swim Well, our monkey hero felt quite renewed And suddenly his feet knew what to do He climbed back on the shore and got up on a stump and oh by gosh by golly jumped a great big jump Jump Monkey Jump Jump Monkey Jump Jump Monkey Jump Jump Monkey Jump His jumped so high He soared into the sky Then back to the trees With his family Hug monkey hug Hug monkey hug Hug monkey hug Hug monkey hug