Once Upon a Time there Lived a Boy Called Cyril

by Cyril (age Not Available) | Partner Organization: Kaeme

Kaeme seeks to build loving families, one child at a time. We break down the barriers that prevent orphaned or abandoned children from leaving institutions and entering family-based care.

One day Cyril was coming back from school and Cyril came across one big dog called Swiper so Cyril started to cry and the dog was barking on Cyril. So Cyril started to run away from the dog and the dog was chasing Cyril. So Cyril runned home so the dog got back to it house. When CyrilÂ’s mother sent Cyril to go and buy fish from the market...
and Cyril saw the dog again. Then Cyril started to get back to the house to complained about that dog. And the mother sacked Cyril to go and buy the fish and Cyril started to cry. Then Cyril took a stick when Cyril get out of the house the dog was standing there. So Cyril throughed the stick to hit the dog and the dog runned away so Cyril whent back to the market to buy some fish and another items for cooking. So now the dog be come afraid of Cyril. Then next morning Cyril went back to school and learn about his act. Cyril was a best player of Jasper Foundation school. That is the end of my story.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Jacob Chapman

Cyril walks home from the school where he's going and suddenly Swiper is there Swiper's a dog and he's huge and he's large and his barking makes Cyril feel scared Swiper barks on Cyril Cyril runs away Swiper chases Cyril home and Cyril cries the entire way Cyril survives but him mom isn't wise she sends Cyril out to buy a fish Swiper awaits him and Cyril must hasten to avoid being Swiper's next dish Cyril cries to momma but momma sends him back if Cyril's gonna stay alive he'll have to be the first to attack! Cyril takes a stick in his hand Cyril is brave, yes, Cyril's the man! Cyril and Swiper come face to face Cyril throws the stick into the air... and Swiper runs away! Cyril buys food and an item for cooking and walks back home from the store When he passes Swiper, that dog starts to cry, for he fears Cyril now, more than he's ever feared before Cyril goes to school Cyril learns his act and becomes the best cuz he's learned to always be the first to attack!