Proud to buy a phone from my own money.

by Tasleen (age 16 years) | Partner Organization: CEQUIN India

I am a ninth grade student from a government school for boys, in Mewat which is a rural district in Haryana. Some of the adults in my house and other boys in my neighborhood have android phones. I too desperately wanted one. ! And here I was, having had to go through so much turmoil just to complete schoolwork. I felt so helpless and sad. . The factory was nearby, and my friends were going too. So I convinced my parents and started working 8 hour shifts to earn rupees Rs. 500 per day. Once I managed to safe enough money, I bought a decent mobile phone for myself.

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Nathan Gillum (IC) Kentucky

written by Nethan Gillum flute - Sarah Justice vocals - Shrie Barr drums - Andrew Gillum bass - Chris Justice