Siyabonga's Story

by Siyabonga (age 13) | Partner Organization: SAEP

The South African Education and Environment Project (SAEP) empowers young people who are neglected by South Africa's education system. Through tutoring, enrichment and support, we give impoverished learners the tools to reach their potential and uplift their communities.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Rae Anne Kinney Pinehurst, NC

Our family lived in Luanda, Angola from 2003 to 2006. My husband and I are preparing to move back in about a month for three more years! We travelled extensively while there and LOVED Cape Town! This song spoke to me as it's a familiar story for so many people in Africa. I saw people just like Siyabonga and his mother every day on the streets. It makes you realize happiness comes not from material possessions but from working towards your dreams.