Songs Are Songs

by Josie (age 6) | Partner Organization: Rare Disease United Foundation

Josie was a little over six months old when she was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis. She is now 6 years old! Josie loves singing and always had her toy karaoke machine on singing along to mainly One Direction. When my friend would put another (one of his own) CD’S she would continue to sing along regardless of knowing the lyrics or not, and also very badly admitted by her Dad. Does it really matter if we know the words? Does it really matter how badly we sing a song?


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OffTheWall@Kompoz Newcastle, UK

Lyrics: Dan Miles, All original music: James Fraser, Additional vocals: Jeff Cozine; Tracy Hutchison; Kim Noble; Jamie Conklin; Ricky Shaw; Theresa Redfern. All put together through