Stories for Zayvier (5)

by Hannah, Hailey, Joseph, and Samuel (age 9) | Partner Organization: The Sing Me a Story Foundation

These are incredible stories written by 4th graders for their classmate, Zayvier. Sadly, Zayvier is no longer with us and his classmates decided to document all the wonderful memories they had of their friend. They all did a wonderful job and Zayvier will be truly missed.


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Notes from the Songwriter
Trish Torline (IC) Wincheseter, Ky

My Friend Verse: We met in second grade, His desk was next to mine Mrs. Kent was our teacher She was cool most of the time. After school we'd head to the park and hang out till dark Those were the best of days My favorite yesterdays. Chorus: I?ll miss you my friend Until we meet again I?ll remember all the fun we had together I wish you could have stayed Think of all the games we?d play I guess I?ll have to wait until forever Though we?re apart your in my heart My Friend Verse: He had a great sense of humor. Once, as the story goes At lunch he was laughing so hard That milk shot out of his nose. We use to chase each other through the playground, he was fun to be around Those were the best of days My favorite yesterdays. Repeat Chorus: I smile when I think of you, and all the things we used to do Those were the best of days My favorite yesterdays.