The Disobedient Child (Boy) and the Obedient Child (Girl)

by Jessica (age Not Available) | Partner Organization: Kaeme

Kaeme seeks to build loving families, one child at a time. We break down the barriers that prevent orphaned or abandoned children from leaving institutions and entering family-based care.

Once upon a time, there live a boy called Maxwell. He was a very good boy, he love to learn and love to help people. He was always first in position. His parent were proud of him and others want to have a look at him. His younger sister was sad because nobody like her, she felt lonely even her parent didn’t like her even if she is first in position.
One day her parent lied to her that she is not their child so she should go and look for her parent so she pack her thing and left on her way going she met an old woman carry a heavy load.
The old woman said “Please can you help me.” “Yes I can you are so tired so let me help you.” Said the girl. So the old woman said I’m not an old woman your parent are the one who sacked you from the house. They wanted your brother to be a star. But I’m going to make you a star. You will be more obedient and everybody will respect you. The girl said so can I go back the old woman sure you can go.
Every thing there is so you can go. When the girl went home her became ignorant he didn’t respect his parent were surprise the Maxwell can’t be like this. Soon he went to join a gang so there was war always in the community. There was always hunger his younger sister send them to another town there were plenty of food her parent were sorry so they live happily ever.

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Song about how a child feels when the parent shows there siblings more attention