The Family Without Problems

by Cristina (age 12) | Partner Organization: Amistad Mission

Amistad MIssion provides a loving, Christian family to abandoned and abused children, enabling them to become leaders in their community while transforming rural and impoverished Andean communities through water, agricultural, health and education programs.

There once was a family that was very happy until one day the child's father arrived from an accident. His wife was very concerned and asked him what happened, but he did not answer anything. A few months later, her husband recovered and this family was very happy and no one could break their happiness. This was the happy family and without problems. This is how everyone should live.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Dawn Otteson Lisbon, ND USA

Lyrics by Cristina, Dawn Otteson, music, piano by Nadia Cripps. The song can also be found here: Una familia era feliz, as happy as they could be, until una dia el padre got hurt That made them sad you see. Chours There must be a world somewhere, some time, some how, where people won't get hurt like they do right now. That's a place I dream about when I'm a sleep. These are happy thoughts that everyone should keep And we'd sing ooooooo, it's a world that makes us feliz ooooooo, That world full of peace. El padre didn't say to much His wife was afraid, but after a while he healed and that's how things stayed Chorus If everything could be like this For every family. Everyone could be happy and never worry.