The Farmer's Trick

by Fares (age 9) | Partner Organization: Anera (American Near East Refugee Aid)

There was a farmer who loves to grow plants in his field There was a wolf who hides behind the trees
One night, the wolf came and took a sheep from the barn
In the morning, the farmer woke up and counted the sheep but he didn’t find the third sheep. He came up with an idea to dig a big deep hole
In the night, the wolf came once again to take another sheep, he fell into the farmer’s hole. The farmer was pleased that he caught the wolf and saved his sheep.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Jack Van Cleaf

The Farmer’s Trick Story by Fares, Lyrics by Jack There is an apple To be picked in the orchard Every morning when I wake up from my sleep Life is as sweet As planting seeds of apricots As I watch over my vegetables and sheep This farm is everything that I could need Waking up this morning Picked an apple and an orange Went to check on all my precious animals But something wasn’t right I counted once, I counted twice It seems my stable full of sheep was hardly full I think a wolf has come and taken from my fold I think a wolf has come and stolen from my home There’s no time for impatience While the wolf is out there waiting I’ll be digging until I’ve made the biggest hole Worked throughout the day Just to keep all my sheep safe To protect them I would do most anything When the sun goes down I’ll go back inside my house Hope my labor will amount to what I need For a wolf has gone and taken one of my sheep Oh a wolf has gone and stolen in my sleep There’s no time for impatience While the wolf was out there waiting I was digging all day long, and now we’ll see Hardly past the sunrise I was up and running outside To see if my trick had really worked Low and behold All my sheep were in the fold And the wolf lay in the hole, down in the dirt No more wolves will come to take away my sheep No more wolves will come while I am fast asleep They were out there lurking But I was right here working To ensure that my farm is safe and free From the wolves that were hiding behind the trees