The Great Robbery

by Otis (age 8) | Partner Organization: Hospice of Toronto

Hospice Toronto provides and facilitates access to compassionate care for people with life threatening illnesses, offering them support options, honouring their choices and supporting their families and friends.

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Notes from the Songwriter
James Conrad Bangkok, Thailand

On a bright day in the neighborhood A man in a mask laughed “Hee, hee, hee“ He saw a woman said, “Give me your purse” The woman was afraid and screamed! The great robbery The great robbery Ten minutes later the man had the purse The woman was sad and screamed! Ten seconds later police cars came Lights were flashing at the scene A policeman had his handcuffs out and said, “Don’t touch him” She watched and said, “Ok” as the policeman took him away The great robbery The great robbery Then she said, “Let him go. He is a person. He is good. It took a story from Otis for me to notice We can’t rob this man of his humanity He learned his lesson. Set him free” Set him free Set him free Set him free Set him free