The Little Wish

by Tracy (age 9) | Partner Organization: Kawempe Youth Centre

KYC is a registered not-for-profit organization that works towards building literate communities. In promoting education, KYC provides library services, computer training and provides safe space so as to facilitate youth and children activities.

Once upon a time there was a wish called Julie. She lived in a forest but she made magic food to eat, bit the food was not enough for her because it was magic food. So she weared magic clothes, but she made a magiced helicopted an went near the lake to have a bath and drink some water. She made magic clothes and she put them on the sand. After having the bath she came and put them on. Later two days she pased the magic stopped to work. She wanted to eat food but the magic refuced to work. The magic helicopter was still there. She went in and flew in town. Riching there she selled her helicopter and got money to buy food. She first bought a house and then bought food. That was the story of Julie

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Notes from the Songwriter
Stan Jankaitis

Hi Tracy, I like your story and composed this song about it. I hope you like this song. These are the lyrics. Wishing Julie in her magical tree Of caramel leaves and chocolate berries Wishing Julie sings in dreams what she sees Bringing the world a vision of fantasy Is it magic or is it a game within Hard to tell how can one catch the wind So let it go don’t say no Let it flow mystical Wishing Julie shares her magical tree By showing her love to everyone that she sees