The Pain and Happiness of Keeping Chickens

by Jibu (age 18) | Partner Organization: Canopy Northwest Arkansas

A story of a chicken

By Jibu From Tanzania
THE CHICKEN AND ITS EGGS One day, my father was sitting outside of our house for the purpose of getting flesh air. Suddenly, he heard a voice from the outside the gate of our house, some one was knocking. After opening the gate, he met with a woman who was holding a chicken on her hand. My father asked her what can I help you? A woman answered; I am doing business; my father asked what kind of business are you doing? A woman answered; I have a chicken but it still hatching eggs. My father asked her, why do you want to sell a hatching hen? A woman answered; I have a problem then My father said okay come inside then We bought that chicken so that can continue hatching eggs in our house. I loved that chicken so much and I started to eat its eggs without given permission from my parents. I did so since I loved it and its eggs. One day my mother discover that I was the one who was eating those eggs, my mother felt so painful for this habit. I asked mother forgiveness. But one day, we were not at home and we were informed that our chicken was pushed by motorcycle and cause its death. I was so sad since I loved that chicken even when they cooked it, I didn’t eat and I realized that human being are so bad. Since then I lost a peace in my mind until now still remembering our chicken and I will continue to remember it.

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Notes from the Songwriter
MacKenzie Gleason

I loved this story so much and hope that my song captures the feelings that Jibu felt.