The Selfish King

by Nandini (age 10) | Partner Organization: Dream a Dream

Dream A Dream is a professional, registered, charitable trust. They empower over 12,000 young people, referred from 17 NGO partners, through life skills-based programmes. Empowering young people from vulnerable backgrounds by developing life skills and at the same time sensitising the community through active volunteering leading to a non-discriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated.

In a palace, there lives a king. That king is selfish. That king takes all the things from all the people. The people asked for new things from the king. Asking meant that the king would punish them. One day a small boy was scolded by the king. That boy made the king very mad when he asked for something from the king. The next morning, the king's minister told the king that he takes all the things from the people. He asked the king what the king thought the people should do about eating and he told the king that the king was not thinking about that. He asked the king to imagine that he was poor. That night, the king was very upset and thought that he was not helping the people. He thought, Now I will help, thank you Minister.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Aaron Cook

This boy don’t deserve a thing the king said He just begs and he pleas the king said He's so ungrateful and He’s shameful and I know He's more than able to stop begging me then the minister says Majesty oh majesty can’t you see the travesty in your kingdom Majesty oh majesty imagine you went through half the things that your people are going through Because I know if you were in their shoes you’d be begging too The king sits alone on at his window Looking out upon his kingdom He starts to shed a tear for his people And he gets up and starts to cry Minister oh minister help me to see and try to learn how selfish I really am Minister oh minister I’ve never stopped and wondered what that boy was going through Because I know if I was in his shoes I’d be begging too Thank you Minister for curing a selfish king.

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Notes from the Songwriter
Jamie Polen

Thanks, Nandini. Great story.