The Turtle's Story

by Christina (age 14) | Partner Organization: Dream a Dream

Dream A Dream is a professional, registered, charitable trust. They empower over 12,000 young people, referred from 17 NGO partners, through life skills-based programmes. Empowering young people from vulnerable backgrounds by developing life skills and at the same time sensitising the community through active volunteering leading to a non-discriminatory society where unique differences are appreciated.

He went to the beach and sat on the stone and laid on the stone. He saw different types of fish and colors of fish. He ate different types of food and he saw different types of things and the sun was rising higher and higher. Turtles are long living animals, living 80 to 100 years old. A turtle’s sex is determined by temperature. Under 29 degrees becomes males and over 29 degrees becomes females. Only 1 in 1000 hatchlings survives. Your lovely student

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This ones for you Christina. Just do me one favor. Tell your friends Bobby Romance said to never ever stop dreaming, ok? Dreams are miracles. Thanks for the beautiful story.