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Ladybug House

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When a child is diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, we understand that the family’s world is turned upside down. For many, this is the beginning of an emotional journey which is unpredictable and full of challenges. Ladybug House will offer compassionate therapies which include pain management and support services for families’ physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.  

We will establish a family support team which will provide a full range of respite and hospice care services to individuals, couples or families. We believe palliative care can help loved ones make the most of every moment they have together. 

4 Stories

Emma Rabbit's Spooky Story

by Emma (age 4) | from Ladybug House

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Dear Beau

by Lisa (age 15) | from Ladybug House

3 Songs

Explodia: The Tale of Three Kingdoms

by Freya, Luca, & Caia (age 13, 10, 4) | from Ladybug House

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Classic Love Story

by Korwin (age 8) | from Ladybug House

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