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The UMPS CARE mission puts into action our established creed, “Helping People is an Easy Call”. Through our youth-based programs, professional umpires enrich the lives of at-risk youth, children coping with serious illness and military families by providing memorable, once-in-a-lifetime, baseball experiences. Umpires make baseball magic on baseball fields across the country and give children reason to cheer by bringing Build-A-Bear Workshop experiences to them while they are undergoing rigorous medical treatment at hospitals. Through our scholarship initiative, we offer financial support to children adopted later in life.

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Great Crystal Dig and Nugs

by Dr. Addo's Angels
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The Great Crystal Dig and Nugs

by Brian Iannucci
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by Ley Line
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Pool the Shark

by The Violet Nines
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Us Against the World

by Heather Evans
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by The Olson Band
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The Umpire

by Sabrina Stewart
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Born to Shine

by Arianna Pappas
17 Plays
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