Along The Way

by Kylie (age 15) | Partner Organization: Gilda's Club - Quad Cities

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Along the Way...

by Kandi | 86 Plays
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Notes from the Songwriter
Kandi Atlanta, GA

Song Lyrics by: James A. Richardson Production by: Christina Meyers Vocals & Arrangement: Demayia “Along The Way” She called to me In my sleep And asked me to save her By saving me You’ll save the world For I’m that chosen girl You will battle some beasts Along the way With your sword You will not betray For being a hero Won’t come easy And there will be obstacles Along the way Yeah!!! No one will stop me From saving this girl I’ll defeat them all along the way Monsters and dragons And witches galore They will all die By my sword My journey is long And a test of will Cause she chose me For my special skills (Slaying monsters) I won’t let her down Thy enemy’s blood Will stain the ground And she will bring peace Throughout the world...