Bush Fire

by Beatrice (age 11) | Partner Organization: Kawempe Youth Centre

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Aster, Ruth and Lennie were watching a film about bush fires in Australia. "What happens to the animals when there are fires" asked Lennie. "I don't know" said Aster. The magic key began to glow. It was time for an adventure. The magic key took them to a beach. "Oh no! Look at all that smoke" said Aster. A boy ran out of the sea, "Non!" he yelled. "There's a bush fire! We should go!". Quick Ben shouted now "we must run home! I'll call the fire service". "Can we help?" Asked Ruth. Ben said that they must run back to his house. "You can help us spray water on the roof and walls. It is hard for koalas when reare bush fire" panted Ben. "Birds can fly away, but not the koalas". "The helicopter will come soon to drop water". said nan. "But we can't wait, quick! Get the hoses going"

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bush fire

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Zachary Sanom

Hi Beatrice, great story!!!! I did my best to turn it into a song...hope your enjoy it...