Butterfly Saves The Day!

by Maddie and Gabby (age 8 and 5) | Partner Organization: Crescent Cove

Dad, Mom, Maddie, Gabby, Karter, and Sammy were excited to go on vacation. They packed their bags, and Gabby brought her favorite stuffy, Butterfly. They hopped on the plane and headed to their destination. When they arrived at their hotel, the first thing they did was put on their swimsuits and head to the pool.
This hotel was on the beach, and it had two pools! There were two pools, a baby pool, and a big kid's pool. They saw their cousins were already there when they got to the pool. Macy, Oliver, and Theo were splashing in the water. "Hey, Macy!" Maddie said, waving before doing a belly flop into the pool. Gabby ran over to Oliver and gave him a big hug. The fun was about to begin!
Mom helped Karter into his favorite blue floating and set him afloat in the pool. Sammie found the baby pool, jumped in, and began splashing and squirting everyone around him. Maddie and Gabby headed to the big kid's pool. This pool had two diving boards, a high one and a low one. Maddie climbed up, up, up to the top of the higher diving board, and jumped off! She landed with a SPLASH as she did a perfect belly flop.
Gabby was next. She climbed up the steps of the smaller diving board and out to the edge. She bounced one, two, three times before jumping feet-first into the pool! "Woo hoo!" She yelled when her head popped up from under the water. "Let's go again!" She said to Maddie. Maddie and Gabby climbed to the top of the diving boards again. Maddie bounced one, two, three times before jumping into the water. While waiting for her turn, Gabby looked at the white sandy beach and the blue ocean. Suddenly, something colorful caught her eye. "Look!" She yelled to everyone, "There are rainbow dolphins!" And she was right. In the shallow water of the ocean swam four rainbow dolphins.
Everyone quickly rushed out of the pool and ran down to the beach. "Where did those rainbow dolphins come from?" Asked Maddie as they got closer. Mom, Dad, Maddie, Gabby, Karter, and Sam waded into the shallow water to get closer to the dolphins. "Wouldn't it be fun to ride them?" Said Gabby. Mom nodded, "Let me ask!" She waved at the dolphins until they turned to look at her, "Excuse me!" she said. "Would you mind giving us a ride on your backs?" "Of course!" The biggest one said. The dolphins squeaked, nodded, and swam even closer. There were four dolphins, a Daddy, a Mommy, and two babies.
Mom slid onto the back of the Mommy dolphin and Dad onto the back of the Daddy dolphin. Gabby and Karter got onto the back of one of the babies, and Maddie and Sammy got onto the other baby's back. "Alright, are we ready to go for a ride?" Asked Dad, patting the head of his rainbow dolphin. "Wait!" Gabby said, "We can't forget Oliver!" "I'll get him!" Mom said. Quickly, she rode her dolphin to the beach and picked up their cousin Oliver.
"Wait!" Gabby said again, "We need Butterfly to come too. BUTTERFLY!" She called. Butterfly dozed off while sunbathing by the pool, so she missed all the commotion. She heard Gabby call and quickly woke up. She flapped her purple wings and flew to where the family was waiting in the water. "Now, are we ready?" Dad asked. "Yes!" Everyone said. Off they went! They held tight as the rainbow dolphins swam through the wavy sea water. Butterfly followed in the air, her baby butterfly in tow.
"Bye, Cousins!" Maddie yelled as their remaining cousins became specks on the beach. They were all having so much fun riding that they didn't notice how far into the ocean they had gone. "What's that?" Asked Gabby, pointing at a green blob in the distance. "I don't know..." Said Mom, "Let's go see!" They headed in the direction of the green blob. When they got closer, they began to see that it was an island! The island was full of flowers of all different sizes and colors.
"Woah!" Said Maddie. "Let's check it out!" Said Gabby. The dolphins stopped at the island's edge, and everyone hopped off. "Thank you for the ride," Said Dad. "Thank you!" Chimed everyone else.
Gabby and Maddie were already on the beach. "There's a popcorn stand!" Maddie yelled. "And an ice cream stand!" Gabby screamed. Everyone cheered and rushed to the beach to get a snack. Maddie and Sam decided to get popcorn with seasoning on top. Gabby got cotton candy, bubble gum, and Superman ice cream. Mom got cookie dough ice cream, and Dad got monster cookie ice cream. Oliver just got one scoop of cotton candy ice cream.
They sat on the beach together, enjoying the weather and their treats. Meanwhile, Butterfly and her baby had gone to find some flowers to eat. "Hey..." Said Gabby, her mouth covered in bubble gum ice cream, "Where did our dolphins go?" she asked. Everyone looked around frantically; the rainbow dolphins were gone! "Oh no!" Mom said, "We're stuck! How are we going to get back to our hotel?"
Just then, they felt a rush of wind and heard wings flapping. They looked back at the field of flowers where Butterfly had been having a snack. Butterfly was no longer small. She was HUGE! "Those flowers must have been magical!" Maddie said, "They made Butterfly and her baby big!" "Get on my back!" Butterfly said, "I'll take you back to the hotel." "You saved us, Butterfly!" Gabby said, giving the now ginormous purple Butterfly a big hug. Everyone climbed onto Butterfly's back and held tight as she took off. They flew over the ocean and back to their hotel. When they returned to the beach, everyone slid off Butterfly's wing and into the water. Except for Maddie, she did a belly flop off of Butterfly. By the time they got back, it was dark outside. They had spent the whole day on that island and didn't even know it! They decide to end the night with fireworks to celebrate their wonderful Butterfly who had saved them. Mom, Dad, Maddie, Gabby, Karter, and Sam sit together on a blanket on the beach. Mom reached around and gave everyone a big hug while they watched the blue, purple, white, red, and orange fireworks color the sky.

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Christopher Martin

Performed by the Liberty Ridge Elementary School choir.