Cleanliness Makes Happiness

by Estela (age 14) | Partner Organization: Amistad Mission

Amistad MIssion provides a loving, Christian family to abandoned and abused children, enabling them to become leaders in their community while transforming rural and impoverished Andean communities through water, agricultural, health and education programs.

Once upon a time, there was a poor family and another rich family that lived in the same neighborhood. One guy of the rich family always said to other guy of the poor family, “Why do you always use the same clothes?”  The poor guy very respectfully and with good intentions answered to the rich guy, “Cleanliness has more value than richness.”

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Notes from the Songwriter
Dawn Otteson Lisbon, ND USA

Once upon a time there were two families One was rich and one was poor The poor man only wanted cleanliness but the rich man wanted more Chorus, cleanliness is more important than riches but the rich man couldn't see Staying clean can keep you healthy, but money can't make you free The rich man would laugh at the poor man because he had few clothes poor man was more respectful and knows more than the rich man knows Chorus The poor man, he never felt bad when the rich man judged him that way Instead of getting angry He'd go to the rich man and say. Chorus