Elijah the Pokémon Trainer

by Elijah (age 11) | Partner Organization: Gilda's Club - Middle Tennessee

Elijah woke up and rubbed his eyes. Today was the day! Today, he would get his very own Pokémon and become a Pokémon Trainer! He quickly changed into clean clothes, grabbed his backpack, and headed to Professor Oak's Laboratory. He knocked on the door of the Lab, and Professor Oak answered, "Greetings, Trainer!" he said while welcoming Elijah inside.
Elijah walked inside the Lab and looked around. There were all different kinds of machines along the wall. In the middle of the room, there was a table with three poké balls on it. "You can choose your starter Pokémon if you'd like!" Professor Oak said.
Elijah was so excited! He looked at the options. There were three to choose from, a water-type Pokémon called El-Spring. A fire-type Pokémon called PanBlaze. And a grass-type Pokémon called Ge-Growth. Elijah thought for a moment. Then, he decided he was going to go with Panblaze!
The Professor handed Elijah the poké ball with Panblaze inside. "Great choice!" He said. He also gave Elijah several Pokémon balls to start. With his first Pokémon by his side, Elijah headed into the forest to start his journey as a Pokémon Trainer.
Elijah walked the path through the forest. The forest was very green and full of different kinds of plants. Suddenly, Build-Beetle appeared! "Look, Panblaze!" Elijah yelled while pointing. Panblaze used the power "ember," Elijah threw a poké ball at the beetle. The poké ball shook, and then the Build-Beetle was captured! Build-Beetle is a wooden bug-type Pokémon. "I caught my first Pokémon!" Elijah yelled with glee. He was so excited!

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