Flowers in a Meadow

by Ophelia (age 7) | Partner Organization: Children's Cancer Partners of the Carolinas

Our story begins in a beautiful green meadow.
There are different colored flowers all around.
There are pink flowers, red flowers, and purple flowers. These flowers are special. They can talk! All of them can talk except for one. The only one that can't talk is a big, tall, yellow flower in the middle.
This flower has a huge snapping mouth and really sharp alligator teeth.
One day, someone walked into the meadow with a pair of scissors and a bucket in his hand. He reached down, cut several flowers, and dropped them into his bucket. The flowers screamed, "Ahhhh!" The man carried them away in the bucket back to his house.
When he got home, he took the flowers from the bucket
and put them in a vase on the table.
The cut flowers tried talking to each other but couldn't!
Flowers can't talk when humans are around.
Back at the meadow, the other flowers talked about how they hoped that man wouldn't return with his scissors.
They looked at the stumps of stems where their friends used to be.
Suddenly, a new type of flower began to grow in their place!
All the flowers stared at these fresh flowers. Suddenly, the sky grew dark,
and the wind blew loudly. A hurricane had come!
The flowers blew left and right until they were smashed to the ground and killed by the wind. Only one flower was left standing.
The big yellow snapping flower stood tall in the meadow's center and laughed. "Muah ha ha ha!"
One day, a new person came to the meadow.
He saw that it was bare and decided to plant new flower seeds. These seeds were different, and they couldn't talk.
A few days later, another person came by with a bucket of water.
They watered the seeds and watched in amazement as the flowers grew huge and tall!
They grew even taller than the big yellow snapping flower!
These flowers still couldn't talk, but when the wind blew through them, it sounded like maybe they were talking.
One day, some people came to have a picnic at the nearby park.
The Mother pointed and said, "Look at those pretty flowers over there!"
Her 5 kids jumped up and ran over to the flowers.
They stepped closer to the center of the meadow, and then, SNAP! The big yellow flower snapped his shiny teeth at them.
"AHHH!" They yelled as they ran away.
Back at the picnic, the Mother said, "Those are some pretty tall wildflowers. I wonder how they got so tall!" The End

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